Ask A Photographer: Scott Bourne

1.      Who or what influenced you to get into photography

It was mostly luck. I lived in Indianapolis and my brother in law had a full access pit pass to the Indy 500. I was interested in cameras and cars so I thought it would be cool. I got a lucky shot that sold and I was hooked.

2.      Where do you get your creative inspiration from?

I look at lots of photography by other photographers. I also try to watch movies, listen to music, attend museum openings and essentially do anything I can to keep my creative soul fed.

3.      What type of camera do you use most and do you prefer digital or film cameras?

I haven’t used film since 96. I use both Canon and Nikon cameras – I primarily use Nikon for stills and Canon for video.

I have Canon 1D MK IV bodies and Nikon D3s bodies, plus a range of prime lenses from 14 to 800 mm.

4.      What is your next planned equipment purchase?

I am probably going to buy more studio lighting – I am using LED lights now instead of flash.

5.      What do you see as the next evolution in digital photography in terms of trends and new products?

I think we’ll see cameras that can do HDR and panoramas in camera. I also see the advent of digital ND filters, etc.

6.      Could you share a favorite recent image you took and tell us a little about it?

Here is the link to the story

7.      What are you favorite websites or blogs that you frequent?

8.      Any advice or tips for someone wanting to become a photographer or to improve their photography?

Handle your camera each day. Read at least one page of your manual every day. Take a photo every day. Look at 100 published photographs every day. You’ll be three times better than you are in a year.

Scott Bourne is a new media producer, consultant, photographer, author, lecturer, teacher, technology enthusiast and Host of

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