Ask A Photographer: Antoine Khater

1. Who or what influenced you to get into photography

I started photography rather late in my life, I was 23 years old and it was kind of by accident. I picked up a Minolta dImage 7i as anyone buying a camera for “souvenir” pictures and never stopped clicking since. I totally fell in love with photography so I guess I have to say “Minolta” influenced me :o )

2.       Where do you get your creative inspiration from?

One word: The internet. There are so many wonderful and inspiring artists out there, each one of them is an inspiration for me.

3.       What type of camera do you use most and do you prefer digital or film cameras?

I only have one camera, I love to have one cam and spend time with it, I really “get to know it” better this way. I lust to shoot film but I never did. I started with digital and sticked to it ever since. Oh I almost forgot I currently use a Canon 5D2 (which I love by the way)

4.       What is your next planned equipment purchase?

That’s a tough one, I just bought recently a 70-200 f/4 IS and it was the last one on my lens list. What I need now is a good reverse ND grad filter.

5.       What do you see as the next evolution in digital photography in terms of trends and new products?

What I “fear” most is EVF (Electronic View Finders) I see it coming but I feel I will hate it, I don’t really like the idea of dSLR having video in them either it makes me pay for a feature I’ll never use but I learn to live with it.

When live view first came out I was really disappointed of the feature but I quickly became hooked to it (

6.        Could you share a favorite recent image you took and tell us a little about it?

I haven’t been shooting much lately :( this is a real shame but kind of stuck at work. So the most recent I can share is probably “flow of memories”

This was taken in Kartaba River, a small village in Lebanon. I usually don’t do a lot of B&W but I couldn’t get a processed version of the color one that I like so I decided to go for a contrasted B&W version.

7.       What are you favorite websites or blogs that you frequent?

I don’t think it would be fair to list blogs here since I am sure I will miss some great ones and I will regret it later. Can I instead list some great twitter account that will help you improve your photography

8.       Any advice or tips for someone wanting to become a photographer or to improve their photography?

a. Don’t get into the “latest gear” hype
b. When you find at a picture you like don’t just look at it, study it. Try to find why you like it what appeals to you in it.
c. When you are shooting try to think about what you found in b. before you click that shutter.
d. Shoot a lot and be your worse critic
e. When you cannot shoot read about photography, don’t be afraid of the technicalities of photography work with them and learn them

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